Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Velvet Evolve
Chelleby Photography

Exhibit shown on:
October 30, 2008 7-10pm

1253 McDuff Ave. South
Jacksonville, FL 32205

“Life is a gift - Death, our promise.

Time is an illusion for the mortals. To compare their greatness to the Almighty is a gift from the Supreme Deity for us to replenish and recover from all of our folly.”

- Chelleby: Blue Velvet Evolve

Blue Velvet Evolve is an artistic protest against all of the unsolved murders of victims ages 18-24 in Jacksonville , Florida. The photography showcase was originally going to show blue velvet fabric in all of the photos, however, art photographer, Chelleby decided to take it out – hence the name “Blue Velvet Evolve.”

Chelleby further explains, “Blue velvet was the original lining of caskets. I decided that the work evolved from the caskets itself, to being actual stories of murder victims in the habitat in which they died.” The pictures are to recreate & represent crime scene photos graphically posed with blood. Chelleby posed the models naked, covered in fake blood on prominent Jacksonville monuments to make a statement. Chelleby say, “If I’m doing public nude exposures in broad daylight at various times of the day then what’s going on in this city at night?”

The artist herself has been affected by young murders in her own life. Her friend Angie, whom she’d known since childhood, was murdered allegedly by her boyfriend by the age of 22. In Angie’s honor, Chelleby has displayed a phantom letter written in Angie’s words from a dream Chelleby had about Angie prior to the show.

Angie’s murder has remained unsolved to this day.

The artist Chelleby has had over 17 friends murdered or died of mysterious deaths, all under the age of 22 years old. Chelleby explains, “By having so many youthful deaths in my lifetime, it’s given me a carpe diem to be as caring & loving to those around me. I don’t believe in tomorrow anymore. I get everything done today.

Although Chelleby’s appearance is a darker, edgy mix of Marilyn Monroe & Edie Sedgewick, her inner beauty shows that she is a joyous person, happy & loving to those around her. In Blue Velvet Evolve she hopes not to bring depression & cynicism to her viewers but to enlighten them about what’s happening in our city. Chelleby clarifies, “I hope that the art show will raise awareness of all the youthful deaths & murders in Jacksonville, so that we can come together to help prevent youthful deaths in our community.

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- Mia Carlin

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