Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lament, True Believers...

For the Mighty Marvel House of Ideas has been consumed by a planet devourer that Galactus would be hard-pressed to keep up with: Disney.

It remains to be seen how this change will effect Marvel's output, but one worries that the merger might hinder the comic giant's creativity, leaving us with dumbed-down two dimensional children's stories.

We can only hope that, as both companies have stated, Disney will actually keep their fingers out of Marvel's day to day operations and let them keeping creating the great stories we've been reading for the past few years.

And as far as the movie side of things go... well, so long as Miley Cyrus and Whatever-Their-Names-Are Jonas aren't going to start taking on leading roles as our favorite spandex-clad heroes, then this could actually be a good thing. Sure, Disney fails from time to time, but no one can deny that they hit it out of the park just as often, (the first years of Miramax, anyone?) and if Marvel really will get to maintain creative control and make movies the way they've been making them these past few years, then yippee for a huge new weapon in their arsenal.

So, we'll keep an eye out and hope that the House of Mouse doesn't bring down the House of Ideas like a ...house of cards?

Excelsior, indeed.

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