Tuesday, October 27, 2009


New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA --- McCarren Publishing is pleased to announce the release date for Do the Devil’s Work for Him: How to Make it in the Music Industry (and Stay in it)--- http://www.mccarrenpublishing.com/devilswork.htm --- the debut book from noted music and entertainment writers, Amy Sciarretto and Rick Florino. The book is scheduled to hit retail shelves and online bookseller outlets on June 26, 2009. It has received critical praise from AOL.com/Noisecreep, LAX Magazine, Outburn Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, Metal Insider, SilverTongue Online, DefHog.com. Devil… was also featured in segments on FOX NEWS and No Good TV, as well, among other outlets, publications and radio stations.

Do the Devil’s Work for Him is a “she-said, he-said” pocket guide on how to get your foot in the door of the cutthroat entertainment business, offering tips on how to intern, how to network and how to adjust to the ever-changing climate of this “eats its young” industry.

Amy Sciarretto is a 15-year veteran of the music business, having written extensively for Kerrang!, Revolver, TeenPeople.com, Spin.com, AOL Noisecreep and Spinner, Urban Ink, Rebel Ink, Guitar World, VH1.com and ARTISTdirect.com, to name a few, and having served as Loud Rock Editor for CMJ New Music Report and Hit Parader. She worked as a DJ on Sirius/XM for two years and has also worked in the promotion and publicity departments of top independent label Roadrunner Records for 8 years.

Rick Florino founded Ruin Magazine in 2006, and he's currently entertainment editor for LAX Magazine and an editor for ARTISTdirect.com. His writing has appeared in publications and web sites such as Inked, Revolver, BPM, Hit Parader, Shockhound.com, Citysearch.com and other outlets. This year, Florino also released his first novel--DOLOR: Lila. It's the first in a series of ten illustrated horror novels, and it's available as a free download at http://www.bookofdolor.com/signup.html and signed hard copies are also available.

In addition to two humorous, clever and insightful author perspectives, as well as advice, anecdotes and analysis, the book also features a complete extra chapter of advice from top-tier music and entertainment business personnel and rock stars, including members of multi-platinum acts like System of A Down, Guns N’ Roses and Korn. It’s a necessary and crucial time for those looking to break into this exciting lifestyle and career field, namely college students, high schoolers and those who dream of working with and among the stars.

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