Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Blair BITCH ... oh the horror!

Local Jax artist Jerrod Brown had his own horrific run in with Exorcist star Linda Blair at Ultimate Horror Weekend 2009. Here is the story in his own words...

"When she saw my Exorcist Painting of 'Regan fucking herself with a cross' she told me to get out of the room. I thought she was kidding at first and I said 'Are you Serious?' Then she got even madder, her face turned red and she yelled "You and that painting get the hell out of here!!!" Her line manager escorted me to the door. The next day, I approached a security guard that witnessed this and asked him what pissed her off? He said she has been a complete 'Bitch' the entire show and anybody that approached her with Exorcist memorabilia was not welcome at her table. My question was "why then is she at a HORROR convention if her own greatest role offends her?" Apparently she is trying to distance herself from this film and my painting was the icing on the cake for pissing her off. I looked at her table later (after the smoke had cleared) and observed that there were absolutely no photos of her in The Exorcist, only all of the other cheesy movies she's attempted to make. So... the rest of the weekend, anybody that purchased a print from me of this painting, I told them the story and what I think of her. So, I guess my painting is controversial, now that the actress in the movie hates it (Ha, Ha)."


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THC1138 said...

I feel sorry for her. That childhood role has pretty much stereotyped her for the rest of her adult life. Agreeing to do Exorcist II didn't help her career either.

Still, all this type of behavior does is make her look like a huge c*nt. Instead of fighting the current, she should swim with it. Most actors hate doing Cons and talking about things that are long in the past, but they're actors, they do a good job of selling it to satisfy fans, plug their new stuff and make some bank. Too bad for her she lost her sense of professionalism.