Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Repo!'s Terrance Zdunich Debuts A Series Of Online Art Tutorials!

Are you an aspiring artist, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade from those who have made it? Or maybe you're an outsider, dying to learn the secrets of those who have been blessed with the gift of creation? No matter your position, fear not! Class is now in session! Terrance Zdunich, the mastermind behind Repo! The Genetic Opera, wants to teach YOU how to paint!

Although fans best recognize Terrance as Repo!'s charismatic, creepy narrator, GraveRobber, he also provided the comic book inspired artwork that appears throughout the movie and has been independently producing his own comics series, The Molting, since September of 2009. The Molting details the dark struggles of a dysfunctional, Southern Californian family in the late 1990s.

In conjunction with the release of the fourth installment of The Molting, its author is debuting a new project: "Painting A Still Life With Terrance Zdunich" is a series of online how-to videos, a seemingly innocent collection of art lessons from "The Tutor". Pupils will notice, however, that their instructor's methods are...less than traditional and, like the lives of his characters, deceptively darker than imagined.

The first episode of "Painting A Still Life With Terrance Zdunich" premieres at TheMoltingComic.com today, Tuesday, June 1, 2010. A new lesson will be released every Tuesday until this fourteen-part series is complete. Don't be late for class, students!

The Molting, chapter 4, “Lethal Raids”, is also now available for pre-order at TheMoltingComic.com.

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