Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SOCIAL CURRENCY on Twitter. Join artist @_SteveWilliams for "Art in the Moment," tomorrow 5pm

Social Currency: #POUND
Follow @_SteveWilliams

Explore the unpredictable nature of this social media and see:
Who is your city at this moment?
Who is Jacksonville at this moment?

Use the hashtag #pound to have your voice heard
Search the hashtag #pound to follow the stream

Join artist Steve Williams from 5 to 9pm during the September 7, 2011 Downtown ArtWalk located in Jacksonville, Florida as he collaborates with the ArtWalk audience, the Twitter audience, and fellow artists, arts and Downtown Jacksonville advocates to create a real time mobile/internet performance that is at once intimate and broad in scope.

The voice of the artist comes in many forms, together let's explore the unpredictable nature of this social media.

"During the upcoming First Wednesday ArtWalk, #Pound places Williams in a real time interactive collaboration with both the ArtWalk and Twitter audiences (@_SteveWilliams already boasts nearly 8,000-plus followers) to explore what he calls the "unpredictale nature" of a world of streaming feeds, "likes" and carefully cultivated profiles. Prior to the event, Williams will announce his location via @_SteveWilliams and with the tag #pound . . . What will ensue - a mix of art and chaos - is impossible to predict. But it will certainly be art in the moment."
          -Dan Brown, Arts Editor, FOLIO Weekly, August 30, 2011

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