Tuesday, March 6, 2012


“Axwell was happy to oblige the seemingly limitless energy of the crowd with a set that lasted over two hours. The performers also proved exceptional; many of the dancers interspersed throughout the audience would often stop to chat with partygoers to get their take on the experience, and they stuck around for as long as was needed to get the full story.”
- Billboard

"The show has become a full-blown laser spectacular to the point where one feels like they're in the movie Tron. Five vertial cannons onstage explode with bursts of smoke. A circular white scree behind Axwell's DJ booth projects at different times: swirling, multicolored objects of varying shapes and sizes, the cosmos, and shimmering stars. Occassionlly, Axwell raises his hands high in the air like an electro conductor, basking in his power over the crowd." 
- Newsweek: The Daily Beast

The show was exceptional overall and its success will surely keep the growing trend of EDM-centric concerts moving forward. The combination of pulsating beats, compelling visuals and captivating performances came together for a one of a kind experience. Six hours of wall to wall entertainment that entertained everyone in attendance. It combined the energy of a rave, with the elegance and artistic touch of a classic opera."
- Guest of a Guest

“The crowd, which took the notion of dressing "theatrically" in directions that involved tuxedos, tuxedo T-shirts, pacifiers, Technicolor wigs, and outfits that glowed under the spitting lasers, took on an anticipatory air every time any of the DJs threw up their hands in anticipation of the drop and, subsequently, went bonkers on cue."
- The Village Voice

"Equally unexpected was the imitation snow that fell from the ceiling for a fleeting moment at the end of Axwell's final song... it invigorated the crowd after nearly six hours of dancing."
- Rolling Stone

"The stage looked like it was plucked straight from the phatom of the opera. The DJ booth looked more like church organs, ready to bellow out the loudest chords at any given moment. Behind the booth, a beautiful backdrop that looked more like a Broadway set than a stage for an Axwell concert. The phantom himself would have approved."
- Elektro Daily

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