Tuesday, November 13, 2012

'The Phlunk' by Lou Rhodes

'The Phlunk' by Lou Rhodes & Tori Elliott published 3 Dec 2012

LAMB are thrilled to announce that Lou has written her first children's book - The Phlunk. Published in hardback on 3 Dec 2012, The Phlunk has a gentle rhyme penned by Lou and beautiful illustrations by Tori Elliott. The Phlunk is perfect for children aged 2-7 but we hope it will also appeal to people of all ages with a lively and open imagination.

Pre-release signed copies of The Phlunk are available in the Lamb store during Nov 2012 only for £7.99 plus postage. The Phlunk can also be pre-ordered from Amazon UK and other online UK retailers, or from any UK bookseller (ISBN: 9780957369009 | Strata Books).

A paperback edition will be published in March 2013 and the musically-inspired follow-up, The Phlunk's Worldwide Symphony, will be published in September 2013.


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