Friday, July 17, 2009

Trouble Presents You Are Here: A Maze. An Installation and Performance Festival

When: Saturday, July 25th 4pm - 4am
Where: Death By Stereo, 49 South 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY
Who: Ninjasonik + Aa + Nine 11 Thesaurus + Knife Hyts + Vaz + Mystery of Two + North Highlands +Sam Mickens Sings & Plays Shaolin Soul + Regattas (Sam Hillmer of Zs) + Dave Longstreth (of Dirty Projectors) + Charlie Looker (of Extra Life) + Unicornicopia + John Fell Ryan (of Excepter) + Chuck Bettis + Mega Calderos DJs: Marty McSorley (of WFMU) + Lord Easy + Rich Zerbo (of The Social Registry) Xtras: Delicious Beverages + Dome Theater + WorldDanceAround
Price: $12

You Are Here: A Maze is a performance festival in a sculptural maze taking place at Williamsburg's Death By Audio from September 10 - October 2, 2009.

This 12-hour event on Saturday July 25 from 4pm - 4am also at Death By Audio will help make You Are Here: A Maze possible. Spend $12 for 12 hours with bands like Ninjasonik, Aa, and Nine 11 Thesaurus; special solo performances by members of Dirty Projectors, Zs, Extra Life, and Excepter; DJ sets, projections, guerilla theater, B-girl dancers, and delicious beverages served up by the ladies of Delicious Beverages!

Emphasizing the sprawling and interconnected nature of New York's underground, a trip through the maze offers a peak inside NYC's diy art/music scene. A meditation on passage and desire, You Are Here engulfs the space and presents beckoning inhabitants, dead ends, and uplifting epitaphs. Medium and genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers. You Are Here was first presented in 2007 by Trouble (Sam Hillmer and Laura Paris) at Chashama's Visual Arts Space.

Trouble is devoted to creating extreme environments that have no exterior, public art both condoned and illegal, and other kinds of visual/sound art intended to be used for some purpose. Their work is about community, spirituality, politics, craft, and beauty. Outreach is a part of all of Trouble's projects, as is what they call “in-reach”: designing events that strengthen the ties within the DIY art community and the art world as a whole.

You Are Here Schedule:
4:00pm - doors/delicous beverages/dj lord easy
4:30pm - DJ set by dave longstreth - back
5:15pm - charlie looker - front
6:00pm - natalie unicornicopia - back
6:45pm - chuck bettis - front
7:15pm - mega calderos - back
8:00pm - john fell ryan - front (switch to dj marty mcsorely)
8:45pm - dometheater - btwn
9:30pm - north highlands - back
10:15pm - mystery of two - front
11:00pm - vaz - back
11:45pm - knife hyts II - front (switch to dj rich zerbo/social registry)
12:45pm - worldancearound - ninjasonik - btwn/front
1:45pm - nine 11 thesaurus - back
2:15pm - sam mickens - front
2:45pm - Aa - back
3:30pm - regattas - front

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