Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whitewall Magazine Digital Launch

Whitewall Magazine Now Online-- an ongoing, regularly updated extension to the prestigious, quarterly print magazine containing exclusive content, extended interviews, and expert advice for readers and collectors.

This summer Whitewall Magazine will feature exclusive, in-depth interviews with four internationally acclaimed visionaries. Extended coverage and content will be available for our readers on Whitewall's website ( starting June 22nd.

In their first interview in two years, Daft Punk candidly discusses mixing high and low-brow culture with performance and music, David Lynch talks diamonds, domes, and dreams, Terence Koh gets resurrected, and superstar collector, Francois Pinault gives a rare insight into one of the largest art collections in the world, not to mention a recently purchased and restored Seventeenth Century Venetian landmark for him to store it all in. All coming this summer in Whitewall Magazine and Whitewall Online.

For extended interviews, news and exclusive content from contemporary art and luxury living experts - go to -

Whitewall Magazine and Whitewall Online aim to reveal the personalities behind the creators that shape the art world today, inspiring a new generation of art collectors. Until now, Whitewall has been a quarterly collector's piece found in various high end hotel suites, international bookstores, jets, design boutiques, private clubs and by subscribing to their exclusive mailing list. Whitewall is the answer to the growing demand for an accessible and well respected platform that merges the disciplines of art, architecture, design, and lifestyle all in one place.

With the launching of Whitewall's online version, we're proud to reveal a one stop source, celebrating the interplay of influences and culture across the spectrum of visual creativity in popular culture today.

Online, you will find exclusive content aimed at helping today's collectors master the art of collecting and navigate the opaque art world. Through experts in the auction market, emerging international markets, advisory, art law, photography, and other arenas Whitewall will filter and dissect today's news and market trends.

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