Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Brooklyn, NY: Bay Ridge native Mr. Kaves began his long relationship with graffiti by invading the tunnels of the NYC transit system at the insanely young age of 10.  To this day, he is a highly respected artist amongst his peers and also among the many cutting edge companies for which he has created priceless images – from Nike and Adidas, to the Beastie Boys and Everlast, to MTV and the WWE…  Each (and many others) has been blessed by his creativity and forward-facing talents.
Fast forward to Winter 2011 and you can add Georges Duboeuf and Metallica to the long list of those whom have invited Kaves into their universe of expression.  Mr. Duboeuf personally hand-picked this Brooklyn taste-maker to design the 2011 label for his prestigious Beaujolais Nouveauwine release.  “We wanted to expose people to the celebration of Nouveau and capture the wine’s essence and the energy and unique perspective of Kaves’ art seemed to be an ideal vehicle,” said Franck Duboeuf, Georges’ son and co-proprietor of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf.  

Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 will be officially uncorked one minute past midnight on Thursday, November 17, at a party at Stage 37 in New York City, at which Kaves will be displaying a dozen new works.
In addition to the above, Mr. Kaves has also been selected to participate in an art tribute to heavy metal kingpins Metallica during their Obey Your Master exhibit beginning January 20th and running through March 23rd at Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles.  Other artists scheduled to be included are Shepard Fairey, groundbreaking skateboarders Tony Alva and Steve Caballero, Metallica’s Rob Trujillo, Slipknot founding member Shawn Crahan, Brian M. Viveros, Joe Petagno, Travis Louie and approximately 20 others.   
For the exhibit, the artists have all chosen a specific Metallica song by and will execute their vision in their individual artistic mediums, based on their interpersonal relationship to Metallica’s lyrics and music.  Kaves explains “Metallica played a lot of their early East Coast shows at a club called L’amour in my backyard of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Now they’re arguably the biggest rock band on the planet and their music and lyrics have touched millions of people.  I’ve chosen the song that I have, which I can’t reveal until you see the painting, because I can relate the immense loss the band experienced on their way to becoming the band we now know.  I’ve experienced catastrophic loss in my life as well and feel a kinship to those guys as a result.”

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