Sunday, February 19, 2012


You asked, we answered. Our all new forum is officially open for business. Head on over to chat about all things monster. Ask questions of the FM staff. Give suggestions on what you'd like to see. And, as a special bonus, check out our FM EXCLUSIVES section for some surprises. First, take a behind-the-scenes look atMEZCO TOYS latest project. It's something that our classic monster lovers will drool over. And for our more "sophisticated" fans, check out an exclusive image from our art book-concept art from the film HELLRAISER, never before released. It's as epic as it comes. It's your turn to make your voice heard. Head on over to the forum today and remember, on our forum. . . everyone can hear you scream!


This is the last week for our super clothing and accessories sale. Take 20% off of any and all shirts, hats, and hoodies. These are the last we have and one they're gone we won't be re-printing. Get yours before it's too late! Use code MUMMYKNOWSBEST at checkout to claim your discount.

Did you see that amazing piece of concept art from HELLRAISER? That is just the tip of the monsterberg in DARK ARTS 2. From the classics like FRANKENSTEIN, Amicus, and Vincent Price, to contemporary films like HELLRAISER, and even to the projects that never were like AKIRA, DA2 sports one of the greatest collections of personal and concept art from some of Hollywood's most important imaginations. William Stout, Dave Elsey, John Gallagher, Aaron Sims, Simon Thorpe, and John Gallagher bring some of their most dynamic and horrifying works of art to our beautiful, full-color, glossy pages. Supplies are limited and going fast, get yours today at

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