Thursday, February 23, 2012

Opening reception - Sidney Pink


Join us Thursday March 1st  6pm - 9pm  for the opening reception of WELCOME TO THE WORLD new works by SIDNEY PINK.  Music, Drinks, and awesome affordable art. Sidney Pink will be present.

See our studio visit and interview with Sidney Pink here:

Sidney Pink's Biography:
Sidney Pink (born 1979) grew up in Maryland in the United States. He received his BFA in 2001 from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. After graduating from MICA Pink worked as a Production Coordinator at the fringe style performing arts center, Theatre Project in Baltimore. During this time Pink also worked as the Curator of the John Fonda Gallery located at Theatre Project. Pink's prime initiative as curator was to focus on curating group exhibitions that supported emerging artists. In 2003 Pink went to work as the Assistant to the Managing Director at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington D.C. In 2004 Pink moved to Japan and decided to focus on his art. While in Japan, Pink has exhibited at the Design Festa Gallery and had a solo exhibition at The Pink Cow in Tokyo. In a review of Pink's work Japanzine magazine described Pink as, "one of Japan's most inspirational gaijin [foreign] artists."

Sidney Pink's Artist Statement:
I create small pencil and watercolor drawings. Japanese school girls, salary men, spacemen and strange animals inhabit my compositions. I place my figures on the white ground of my paper in a kind of visual isolation. 

Living in Japan for the past four years has been a huge inspiration for my work. Influences from Japanese popular culture such as anime, manga, and retro science fiction can be see in my drawings. Japanese street graphics, architecture, and fashion can also be seen in my work. Even the mundane aspects of life in Japan, like seeing a weird guy standing on the train or the way a school girl squats at a crosswalk, can become inspiration for a drawing.  

In addition to the imagery of my drawings the aesthetic qualities are an important part of the content. Like Japanese prints I want the drawings to have a flatness that is a part of the visual vocabulary of my work. A school girl shoots a blue squid with a ray gun in the piece, "Drawn Roughly Life-Size." A dotted red line connects the ray gun and the edge of the squid and then bursts out into a series of circles in an almost geometric way. By using a simple line to create the focal point of the drawing the image takes on a graphic quality.

Two men in suits bow to a giant owl and a school girl in the drawing "Meeting Lancelot Hogben." Many of my drawings, like this image, have an illustrative quality that implies a narrative. But I want there to be an obscurity to that narrative which will ignite the viewers imagination.

Artist's website:

BOLD HYPE GALLERY | 547 W. 27th St. 5th Floor  New York, NY 10001 | T. 212-868-2322
Tue - Sat  12-6 pm | | ;

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