Monday, February 20, 2012

Hellzapoppin Sideshow in Jax Beach March 2nd

The World's Best Touring Sideshow - HELLZAPOPPIN A SIDESHOW REVUE - is dropping anchor pulling off the road for a night in Jax Beach, FL.

Known as “THE GREATEST SHOW IN HELL”… Hellzapopin Sideshow presents a menagerie of strange people and novel entertainers!

This globally renowned pirate ship of a circus sidehow recalls the heyday of circus mixed with modern presentations and performers. New and traditional attractions and acts are performed by the biggest and the best of the sideshow world! Hellzapoppin is an underground rock-n-roll circus sideshow performing the deadliest stunts in live entertainment, performed to the sounds and style of the modern music scene.

This dark humor/vaudeville/freakshow features the most famous sideshow performer in the world, Zamora the Torture King.
He was The Man Who Feels No Pain on one of the highest rated episodes of Stan Lee’s Superhumans. Do you have what it takes to see him live and up-close?

You’ll see other unusual artists such as the infamous Sword Swallower from New Orleans, Miss Chelsea NoPants.
Straight off of the carnival midway, Chelsea toured for years with the only remaining fairground sideshows before jumping ship to Hellzapoppin.

You will see Multi Guinness World Record holder Frank Simon. This madman from Budapest starts out balancing a toothpick on his nose and follows that by balancing a motorscooter, a four-burner kitchen stove and a member of the audience on his teeth. Everybody will clap for him!! Simon has traveled the world and been of TV shows from China to America's Got Talent.

Seductive Maryanne Magdalen has traveled all the way from the North of Sweden to be part of Hellzapoppin.

Known as a talented singer in her native land, she has added flames, broken glass, machetes and swords to her repertoire. Her stage experience and deadly acts make for the ultimate combination in her display of flaming passion and ice cold body control. You will see why theSwedish News says "...her act is tough, hard, seductive and yes, just a little bit too dangerous...“

… and of course Hellzapoppin’s mascot, Mr. Buggles the Wonder Dog. He steals the show and has hundreds of followers on social media sites.

This amazing show is presented by The Master of Ceremonies & Sideshow Stuntman Bryce “The Govna” Graves.
Hold on tight as he takes you on a wanderlust filled journey that will amaze and amuse you, confound and confuse you in ways most would deem humanly impossible. It all makes one hell of a party filled with mystery & mayhem that have captivated concert goers and circus enthusiasts all over the world.

You’ll witness strange, odd, and unusual feats of mind over matter and death defying stunts. You will see Zamora lying on a bed of nails while 4 of the biggest audience members stand on top of him, he’ll even lie on a bed of razor sharp swords and have a giant brick crushed on his chest by a sledge hammer. You will see Zamora perform the feats that earned him the title The Man Who Feels No Pain and emerge unscathed and unharmed and all in the name of entertainment.

Prepare yourself as Chelsea NoPants, our Dame of Danger, performs intense fire eating and fire breathing, contortion and walks and jumps on broken shards of glass. Hold on to your hats as she walks up a ladder of sharp machetes barefoot. You’ll see beautiful burlesque dancers, glass eating and other bizarre acts.

Hellzapoppin’s performers have toured on rock tours and festivals all over the North America and Europe including OZZFestWarped Tour,KORN’s Family Values TourLollapaloozaMetal Town (Swedish Festival, 5 years in a row), G-Fest (Faroe Islands), The Pedal to the Metal TourWest Coast Riot Festival (Scandinavia), Peace and Love Fest (Sweden’s largest music festival) and much more. They’ve been featured on shows worldwide alongside bands including MudvayneStatic XMarilyn MansonSlipknotOZZY OsbourneBlack Label SocietySocial DistortionKORNDeftones and scores more…,

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